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Global Commission App is a new hot system by Ian Ross. I got a chance to take a sneak peak at it and all I can say is that it was loaded with modules and video trainings.

It shows you exactly how to tap into YouTube and Google traffic for free and he takes you through it step by step. He goes from researching and getting detailed information about YouTube video, why and how they are ranking in both YouTube and in Google.

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What do you get:
  • The Global Commission App itself shows you exactly powerful Youtube and Google ranking insights that will put you ahead of the competition.
  • The video training shows you a step by step on how to get started with the Global Commission App and making money with it; includes installing the necessary files, setting up the accounts and everything that goes along with it.
  • You’ll also get a Bonus, Global Commission Dominator, which will put you even in more control with tips and techniques that all the YouTube pros use. It includes 8 modules on how to totally dominate YouTube. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an expert, it will give you a ton of unique ideas.


There will be a chance of 2 upgrades once you purchased the Global Commission App.
  • Global Commission Automator - this will automate the tedious process of creating multiply account and will help you make money faster.
  • Global Commission App Pro - this is what they used in the videos to create automatic income streams. It includes Automatic Clickbank Campaigns, Dedicated Members Area, and Real Time Keyword Tool.

This is one of the most unique Internet Marketing products I seen in a long time. Why? It covers everything from top to bottom. Everything you need to know to start making money with YouTube and ClickBank. All I can say is “it’s absolutely brilliant!”

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